Making Family Law Work For You

I take pride in my extensive knowledge of family law, which governs all matters relating to marriage and its dissolution. I will make sure that marriage contracts entered into by both parties are legally sound and without impediments. Similarly, I will help those who wish to remain unmarried in understanding their obligations when negotiating a cohabitation agreement.

In the same manner, should a separation or divorce be called for, I will extend my assistance to make the whole process just and fair to the parties involved. I will handle all legal matters to the best of my ability with the hope of making it satisfactory and acceptable to all parties.

Effective Representation During Separation And Divorce

The time may come when separation or divorce is the most appropriate and practical action between couples. As a family lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, I understand the need for divorce as an effective solution in such cases. I will provide the necessary legal services with the goal of achieving satisfaction for the parties concerned in terms of property division as well as child custody and access, if applicable.

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