What Is A Domestic Contract?

A domestic contract is an agreement between two people in a family-like relationship and it outlines their rights and responsibilities in the relationship. These contracts can apply to married and unmarried couples in a domestic relationship. The idea is that if you and your partner determine the terms of your separation, it's very likely you will abide by them.

My name is Barry W. Switzer. Based in Aurora, Ontario, my firm can help you draft thorough and fair domestic agreements. As a lawyer with 30+ years of experience, I can advise you on agreeable separation terms that suit your situation.

Marriage, Cohabitation And Separation Agreements

Each domestic contract differs on the provisions that a couple is allowed to set. For example, married couples must designate a matrimonial home, whereas cohabiting couples do not. Separation agreements allow for child custody measures, while marriage and cohabitation agreements do not.

Ensuring that the correct provisions are applied to your situation requires extensive legal knowledge and experience.

My knowledge of domestic contracts combined with my experience in divorce cases allows me to help you identify the provisions that work for you. I can help you and your partner reach a mutual decision on a number of different issues, and to improve areas of the contract that could be challenged at a later date.

Enforcing Domestic Contracts

Once you and your partner decide on the terms of your domestic contract, you will have to make sure they are enforceable. For example, failure to disclose all of your finances when creating the contract might affect the validity of your spousal support terms in the contract. My firm strives to ensure you have all the appropriate documentation to support your decisions and make them valid.

If your situation requires a special skill set, I have a network of professionals — including pension administrators and valuation experts — to provide support.

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Domestic contracts look different for each couple based on their specific personalities and situations.

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