Qualified Assistance With Mortgages And Refinancing

A vital part of any real property transaction is its financing. To ordinary homeowners and even accomplished businessmen, the process of mortgage financing or refinancing can be complicated, time-consuming and confusing. With my extensive training and experience handling mortgage work, I aim to relieve clients of the burden of completing this requirement on their own.

Whether you are working through a bank or private lender, I will:

  • Prepare all documents necessary
  • Ensure you understand the legal obligations you are taking on
  • Ensure you comply with the obligations imposed by the lender
  • Explain any liability you are exposed to
  • Do all required searches
  • Get a discharge of any current mortgage
  • Register mortgage on title

I will provide advice based on the circumstances and conditions of your situation. I go out of the way to give you information and suggestions that will be to your advantage and which may benefit you in the future. I will explain fully all matters that may be involved in this process as well as those stipulations that may cause some kind of confusion or those which may lead to misunderstanding.

Contact Barry W. Switzer, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public

If you are interested in obtaining mortgage funds or refinancing a current loan, call me at 905-727-9488 or contact me by email. I represent clients in Aurora, Newmarket and the surrounding areas.