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I take pride in my significant experience as a marriage and divorce lawyer, serving Aurora and Newmarket for over 30 years. Family governs all matters relating to custody, support, marriage, and separation. Focusing on all aspects of this legal arena, I ensure that marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements are legally sound. With the same commitment to excellence, I carry out separation, custody, and divorce agreements for clients dealing with relationship dissolution.

Separation & Divorce

The time may come when separation or divorce is the most appropriate and practical action between couples. As a family lawyer with decades of experience,
I facilitate all cases with a focus on client satisfaction. I provide necessary legal services with the goal of achieving client satisfaction in terms of property division as well as child custody and access.

Domestic Contracts

A domestic contract is an agreement between two people in a family-like relationship, outlining their rights and responsibilities in the relationship. These contracts can apply to both married and unmarried couples in a domestic relationship. The idea is that if you and your partner determine the terms of your separation, it's very likely you will abide by them.

Marriage, Cohabitation & Separation

Each domestic contract differs on the provisions that a couple is allowed to set. For example, married couples must designate a matrimonial home, whereas cohabiting couples do not. Separation agreements allow for child custody measures, while marriage and cohabitation agreements do not. Ensuring that the correct provisions are applied to your situation requires extensive legal experience.


My knowledge of domestic contracts combined with my experience in divorce cases allows me to help you identify the provisions that work for you. I can help you and your partner reach a mutual decision on a number of different issues, and improve contract stipulations which could be challenged at a later date.

Enforcing Domestic Contracts

Once you and your partner decide on the terms of your domestic contract, you will have to make sure they are enforceable. For example, failure to disclose all of your finances when creating the contract might affect the validity of your spousal support terms in the contract. My firm strives to ensure that you have all the appropriate documentation to support your decisions and make them valid.


If your situation requires a special skill set, I have a network of professionals, including pension administrators and valuation experts, available to provide support on your legal matters.

Uncontested Divorces

You can file for an uncontested divorce when you and your partner agree on the terms of your separation. This means you both amicably reached decisions on such matters as how to divide your property and how to care for any children affected by the divorce. In these situations, the courts do not have to intervene and make these decisions for you. I have assisted clients throughout Aurora and surrounding areas in completing uncontested divorces. This process avoids bringing the matter to court and eliminates additional litigation fees.

Costs & Compassion

One of the biggest concerns for clients during a divorce is cost. In order to reduce this burden, I always strive to help couples negotiate a separation agreement. This document lets the pair set out their own terms of separation, such as the division of shared property and spousal support.


My experience helping former spouses decide how to divide their own assets eliminates:

  • Litigating the matter in court

  • Waiting period between filings

  • Costs involved in a divorce proceeding

Divorces can be very emotional situations, even when they are uncontested. I understand how delicate the breakdown of a marriage is for everyone involved. As a lawyer, my goal is to be sensitive to your needs while making sure your interests are always at the forefront of any negotiations.

Special Circumstances

Everyone's situation is unique and requires careful attention to their specific needs. Some circumstances, such as mental competency or if one of the parties is leaving the province or country, require additional considerations. I can provide you with legal advice and options on how to approach special circumstances that may arise. I will advise you on how to handle issues of mental health and serving partners that are no longer in the vicinity. Whatever the circumstance may be, I will provide you with the optimal choices regarding how we can proceed with completing the divorce process.

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Family legal matters look different for each couple based on their specific personalities and situations. Ask me about how my services can benefit your interests by calling the firm or reaching out through my online form.

Caring & Effective Family Law Services

From divorce to separation, prenuptials to custody, I make sure your interests are represented.

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